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Director Kunihiko Ikuhara
Writer Sukehiro Tomita
Music Takanori Arisawa
Animation Director Kazuko Tadano
Studio Toei Animation
Release Date December 5th, 1993

Series, Specials, & Movies Information: R Movie

The first of three Sailor Moon theatrical features, Sailor Moon R was released into Japanese theaters on December 5th, 1993 and ran until January 14th, 1994. It is 60 minutes long, the same length as the other two films. This movie has a unique opening set to the TV series' theme song, Moonlight Densetsu, and a special battle and ending theme was written specially for this movie, Moon Revenge.

The Sailor Moon R movie is widely regarded by fans to be the best of the three, which is due in part to the fact that this movie featured an all-star staff and cast. The film was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara, who previously worked on the original series and R, but he is most recognized by fans for his direction of the S and SuperS series. The original series' character designer, Kazuko Tadano, was once again brought on board; she was responsible for the character designs and animation direction. The movie's theme, Moon Revenge, was penned by Kayoko Fuyumori and Akiko Kosaka, who both co-wrote the music for the musicals. And of course, Takanori Arisawa, the composer for the entire Sailor Moon series, wrote the score for this film. The voice actors for Al and En, Hikaru Midorikawa and Yumi Touma, returned for this movie, playing Fiore and Xenian, respectively.

Movie Summary

For a long time, the boy Fiore had been traveling through space. Finally he arrived on Earth, exhausted and lonely. There, he met another young boy named Mamoru. They became friends, but because Fiore was an alien, he was unable to stay in the Earth's atmosphere for long, so he left. But Mamoru gave him a parting gift; a single red rose. Fiore, who had had no other friends until this point, was touched, and promised he would one day return to Earth with a flower for Mamoru.

As Fiore continued to travel the galaxy, he came across a legendary creature called a Xenian flower. Though capable of destroying worlds, these small flowers are powerless on their own. So, a Xenian will attach herself to weak willed individuals and use his or her body to do her bidding. Sad after his depature from Mamoru, in Fiore the Xenian found a perfect host.

Fiore returns to Earth, but of course he is now under the Xenian's influence. He appears in the disguise of a human as Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru, and Chibi-usa are at a garden. He is overjoyed to see Mamoru again, but he quickly discovers that Mamoru now has a girlfriend, Usagi.

Fiore becomes insanely jealous, and he sends out plants to drain the human's energy. The Sailor Soldiers arrive on the scene and quickly destroy a plant that was attacking some civillians. Fiore now meets the girls for a second time, but now he is in his true form. He recognizes Sailor Moon as Mamoru's girlfriend from yesterday, and begins attacking her, saying that she will only leave Mamoru and make him sad. Tuxedo Mask appears and takes a devastating blow that was intended for Sailor Moon. Fiore abducts Mamoru and takes him to his meteor. There, he encases him in a crystal that will heal his injury. At last Mamoru remembers his friend from the past, and he begs Fiore to not hate Usagi, but the Xenian's will is too strong and Fiore is not swayed.

Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus teleport to the meteor to rescue Mamoru and stop the meteor from getting close enough to Earth to unleash all of its plants, which would wipe out the human race. They fight Fiore valiantly, but it looks as though the Xenian will win. Mamoru escapes his crystal enclosure and rushes to aid Sailor Moon. He throws a rose at Fiore and injures him. Devastated, Fiore decides to instead hurl the meteor into the Earth's atmosphere, which would cause it to burn up, killing everyone on it.

Sailor Moon says she will not allow it, and she prepares to use the Ginzuishou, despite the pleas of her comrades and lover not to, as it will kill her. Fiore grabs hold of Sailor Moon's brooch, which holds the crystal, preventing her from using it, and forcing her to half reverse transform. The power of the Ginzuishou shows Fiore the truth of the past; that the rose Mamoru gave to Fiore had a originally been a gift to Mamoru from Usagi. The light from the crystal destroys Xenian instantly. Fiore is speechless and his eyes fill with tears as he is bathed in light.

Usagi transforms into Princess Serenity and begins to attempt to use the power of the Ginzuishou to change the meteor's course. Mamoru transforms into Prince Endymion and aids her as the Four Sailor Soldiers combine their power with Serenity's. The Ginzuishou releases its full energy, which saves the everyone, but the crystal shatters, killing Serenity instantly. She reverts back to Sailor Moon, and a devastated Mamoru holds her lifeless body. Fiore reappears and gives a flower to Mamoru, the Flower of Life. He explains that the nectar contains most of his energy, and that he should give it to Sailor Moon. Mamoru kisses the flower and then passes the life-giving nectar to Sailor Moon by kissing her. Fiore reverts back into a child and returns to space. Sailor Moon comes back to life, telling them all that she said she would protect everybody. Mamoru's and the girls' eyes fill with tears and they embrace her.

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