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090 - 127
03/19/1994 - 02/25/1995
Death Busters
Opening Theme
Moonlight Densetsu
(Moon Lips)
Ending Theme
Tuxedo Mirage

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S ran from March 19th, 1994 to February 25th, 1994, consisting of 38 episodes. A special episode called The Wonderful World of Sailor Moon S aired between episodes 118 and 119. The three openings' theme was the Moon Lips version of "Moonlight Densetsu" and the only ending animation played "Tuxedo Mirage" by Peach Hips.

The S is short for "Super," referring to Sailor Moon's upgrade to her Super form.

Sailor Moon S was the second of three series for which a movie was produced.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S was originally based upon the Infinity arc (Acts 27 - 38) of the manga. The S storyline and characters have also been re-imagined in the following musicals:

  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super Spring Festival (1994 Spring Special)
  • Sailor Moon S - Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi (1994 Summer Special)
  • Sailor Moon S - Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi (1995 Winter Special)
  • Sailor Moon S - Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi (1995 Spring Special
  • Shin / Henshin - Super Senshi e no Michi - Last Dracul Jokyoku (2000 Winter Special)
  • Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth (2002 Summer Special)
  • Mugen Gakuen - Mistress Labyrinth (Kaiteiban) (2003 Winter Special)

Series Summary


Characters Introduced

Sailor Chibi Moon | Super Sailor Moon | Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus | Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune | Setsuna Meiou | Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn

Antagonists: Death Busters
Kaolinte | Eudial | Mimete | Tellu | Viluy | Cyprine & Ptilol | Professor Tomoe/Germatoid | Mistress 9 | Master Pharoah 90 | Daimon

Minor Characters:
Miharu-chan | Kameda-san | Katsutoshi Yamada | Tsutomu Asai | Maya Touno | Tamasaburou Shinnosuke | Kakusui Yakushiji | Elza Gray | Masanori Tsuzuki | Edward | George & Ned | Yousaku Eda | Katakuri Ukon | Jinta Araki | Yuu Kazama | Yoshiki Kurebayashi | Shun Hayase | Thomas Harris | Sergei Azimov


For brief episode summaries, click here.

090 Premonition of World's End? Mysterious New Senshi 109 A Time of Shock! True Identities Revealed to One Another
091 The Rod of Love is Born! Usagi's New Transformation 110 Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans Appear
092 A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenou 111 The Grail's Divine Power! Moon's Double Transformation
093 Usagi's Idol! The Graceful Genius Michiru 112 Who is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness
094 Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle 113 A House Full of Evil Presence! The Secret of the Beautiful Girl, Hotaru
095 Leave it to the Moon for Love Aid 114 Crazy for Celebrities! Mimete in Doubt
096 Cold Hearted Uranus? Makoto in Trouble 115 Shadow of Silence? The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly
097 The Labyrinth of Water! Ami the Targeted 116 Sunny Skies After a Storm! A Friendship Dedicated to Hotaru
098 Save Friends! Moon and Uranus Join Forces 117 Higher, Stronger! Cheers by Usagi
099 The Kindness of a Man! Yuuichirou, Heartbroken by Rei? 118 The Battle in a Demonic Dimension! The Sailor Senshi's Bet
100 Retire From the Sailor Senshi? Minako's Concerns 119 Awakening of the Messiah of Silence? Stars of Destiny
101 Usagi in Tears! Glass Shoes for Her Birthday 120 Invasion From an Alternate Dimension! The Mystery of Mugen Academy
102 The Pure Heart Stolen! Usagi's Biggest Crisis 121 A Mystic Flower That Steals Hearts! The Third Witch, Tellu
103 The Arrival of the Tiny Pretty Senshi 122 Believe in Love! Ami, a Kind Hearted Senshi
104 Seeking Friends! Chibi Moon's Actions 123 Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence
105 Wanting More Power! Mako's Lost Path 124 The Horror of the Approaching Shadow! Eight Senshi in a Tough Battle
106 The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus 125 A Bright Shooting Star! Saturn and the Messiah
107 Art is an Explosion of Love! Chibiusa's First Love 126 A New Life! Time for Separation of the Destined Stars
108 Usagi's Dance, in Time to a Waltz 127 Self-Awareness as a Senshi! Strength Lies in the Pure Heart

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