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Sailor Stars (1996 Summer Special)

Sailor Stars was the 1996 Summer Special Musical. Sailor Stars was loosely based on the eponymously named anime and manga versions. Since this musical ran concurrently with the airing and publication of the anime and manga, the ending of the musical has very little resolution. Sailor Stars Kaiteiban, however, has a definitive conclusion. This was the first adaptation of the Sailor Stars story into musical format, and there were several liberties taken with plot, and new musical exclusive characters appear as well.

Sailor Stars ran from 08/05/1996 through 08/30/1996. Since it was a Summer musical it was a touring production, and was performed in five different theatres during its run: Sunshine Theatre in Tokyo, Aichi Kouseinenkin Kaikan in Nagoya, Yokkaichi Shibunka Kaikan in Mie, Hamamatsu Act City in Shizuoka, and Kouseinenkin Kaikanchuu Hall in Osaka.

Musical Summary

Usagi Tsukino/Super Sailor Moon/Eternal Sailor Moon | Ami Mizuno/Super Sailor Mercury | Rei Hino/Super Sailor Mars | Makoto Kino/Super Sailor Jupiter | Minako Aino/Super Sailor Venus | Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask | Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus | Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune | Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto | Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn | Chibi-usa/Super Sailor Chibi Moon | Neo Queen Serenity | Kou Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter | Kou Yaten/Sailor Star Healer | Kou Taiki/Sailor Star Maker

Antagonist: Shadow Galactica:

Sailor Galaxia | Sailor Pewter Fox | Sailor Iron Mouse | Sailor Titan Kerokko | Sailor Tin Nyanko | Sailor Buttress | MC Fly | Shadow Mantis | Shadow Bug | Shadow Bee

Video & CD Releases

Sailor Stars was filmed on August 8, 1996 at Sunshine Theatre in Tokyo. The VHS was released on 10/25/1996 and is now out of print. The original footage was remastered and released on DVD on September 24, 2004. This musical is also included in the second Special Musical Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Memorial DVD Box Anza Ooyama Moon. An Official Guide Video was released which was only sold at the performances of the musical.

The original soundtrack, Memorial Album of The Musical 4, was released on August 1, 1996 but is now out of print. Songs from this musical can be found on the following musical albums: Theme Songs 1993-1999, Fan ga Erabu - Best Songs Collection, Love Ballad Edition, and Dark Side Edition Best Songs - Yami kara no Melody.

  • This is the first musical to feature the Sailor Starlights.
Musical Numbers
DVD Cover
Sailor Moon: Anza Ooyama
Sailor Mercury: Ayako Morino
Sailor Mars: Misako Kotani
Sailor Jupiter: Emika Satou
Sailor Venus: Kanatsu Nakaya
Tuxedo Mask: Yuuta Mochizuki
Sailor Uranus: Sanae Kimura
Sailor Neptune Hiroko Tahara
Sailor Pluto: Rei Saitou
Sailor Saturn: Keiko Takeda
Sailor Chibi Moon Dia Shirai Tamaki
Sailor Star Fighter: Sayuri Katayama
Sailor Star Healer: Momoko Okuyama
Sailor Star Maker: Hikari Ono
Sailor Galaxia Saori Sara
Sailor Pewter Fox: Rei Ku
Sailor Iron Mouse: Chie Maruyama
Sailor Titan Kerokko: Haruko Yamaguchi
Sailor Tin Nyanko: Tomomi Seo
Sailor Buttress: Shiori Seki
MC Fly: Ryuuji Kasahara
Shadow Mantis: Kaori Ishikawa
Shadow Bug: Ado Endou
Shadow Bee: Yuuko Matsumoto
  1. Overture
  2. Chasin' After You
  3. It's Chou Very Bad
  4. Lonely Distance
  5. Star Hunter
  6. Sailor Busters
  7. Fukitsu na Kaze ~ Fukkatsu wa Higeki no Zenchou
  8. Sailor War Supreme
  9. Galaxia no Dokusai
  10. Light ni Adventure
  11. See Me, Boku-tachi no Jidai
  12. Knockin' Down Hesitation
  13. Sorezore no Elegy
  14. A Knight for Sailor Soldiers
  15. La Moon
  16. Densetsu Seitan
Service Number:
  1. La Soldier
Performance Stats
  • 08/05/1996-08/18/1996: 27 performances, 18,050 in attendance.
    Sunshine Theatre, Tokyo
  • 08/20/1996-08/21/1996: 4 performances, 3,908 in attendance.
    Aichi Kouseinenkin Kaikan, Nagoya
  • 08/23/1996: 2 performances, 994 in attendance
    Yokkaichi Shibunka Kaikan, Mie
  • 08/25/1996: 2 performances, 2,653 in attendance.
    Hamamatsu Act City, Shizuoka
  • 08/27/1996-08/30/1996: 8 performances, 7,380 in attendance.
    Kouseinenkin Kakanchuu Hall, Osaka
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CD cover

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