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047 - 089
03/06/93 - 03/14/94
Aliens, Black Moon Clan
Opening Theme
Moonlight Densetsu (DALI)
Ending Theme
Otome no Policy

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R debuted on March 6th, 1993 and completed its initial run of 43 episodes on March 14th, 1994. The series' two openings reused "Moonlight Densetsu" (DALI version) and its singular closing was set to "Otome no Policy" by Yoko Ishida.

Sailor Moon R is the only series to contain two completely unrelated story arcs and two independent antagonist groups. The first thirteen episodes follow the Sailor Soldiers and their battle against a pair of Aliens and their mysterious life-giving tree. The anime is the only continuity where this story arc and its villains appear. It was created so the manga story could catch up with the anime. The remaining episodes deal with the appearance of Chibi-usa and the battle with the Black Moon Clan, villains who travel from the future.

According to the booklet released with the Memorial Song Box, the R stands for Romance, Return, and Rondo.

Sailor Moon R was the first of three consecutive Sailor Moon series for which a movie was produced. A short special played with the movie, called Make Up! Sailor Soldiers.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R was originally based upon the Black Moon arc (Acts 14 - 26) of the manga. The R storyline and its characters have also been re-imagined in the following musicals:

  • Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady (2001 Summer Special)
  • Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady (Kaiteiban) - Wakusei Nemesis no Nazo - (2002 Winter Special)
  • 10th ANNIVERSARY Festival - Ai no Sanctuary (2002 Spring Special)

Series Summary


Characters Introduced

Chibi-Usa/Usagi Tsukino/Princess Small Lady Serenity | Neo Queen Serenity | Moonlight Knight/King Endymion

Antagonists: Aliens
Ail/Seijuurou Ginga | En/Natsumi Ginga | Makaiju | Cardians

Antagonists: Black Moon Clan
Kooan | Berthier | Calvares | Petz | Crimson Rubeus | Green Esmeraude | Blue Saphir | Prince Demand | Wiseman/Death Phantom | Droids

Secondary Characters:
Unazuki Furuhata | Momoko Momohara | Kyuusuke Sarashina

Minor Characters:
Shinozaki | Rie Sayama | Manami-chan | Kirin | Old Chess Man


For brief episode summaries, click here.

047 Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear 069 Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress
048 For Love and Justice! A Sailor Senshi Once Again 070 A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs Koan
049 For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears 071 For Friendship! Ami and Berthier Clash
050 Usagi's Crisis! The Tiara Doesn't Work 072 Cold Hearted Rubeus! The Four Sisters of Sorrow
051 A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up 073 A UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi are Abducted
052 Targeted Kindergarten Kids! Venus' Great Performance 074 Defeat Rubeus! The Final Battle in Space
053 Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Mayhem 075 A Mysterious New Senshi! Sailor Pluto Appears
054 The Culture Fest is for Me? Queen Rei Sings With Passion 076 Magical Power of Darkness! Esmeraude's Invasion
055 Is Seijuurou the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls in Love 077 Our Feelings are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again
056 Steal Mamoru's Kiss! An's Snow White Strategy 078 Venus Minako's Nurse Mayhem
057 Be Careful After School! Usagi is Targeted 079 Artemis' Adventure! The Evil Animal Kingdom
058 The Lovers' Hearts Disagree! The Angry Makaiju 080 Terrifying Illusion! Ami All Alone
059 True Love Awakens! The Makaiju's Secret 081 Dark Gate Completed? A Grade School in Danger
060 An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl From the Sky 082 Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor
061 Huge Shock for Usagi! Mamoru Declares a Breakup 083 The Shocking Future! Dimande's Dark Ambition
062 The Friendship of the Sailor Senshi! Goodbye Ami 084 Wiseman's Evil Hand! Chibiusa Disappears
063 Women Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Killer Move 085 The Birth of Black Lady, the Queen of Darkness
064 In Search of the Silver Crystal! Chibiusa's Secret 086 Saphir Dies! Wiseman's Trap
065 Dispute Over Love! Minako and Makoto Face Off 087 Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi's Determination
066 Usagi's Parental Love? A Curry Triangle Relationship 088 The Final Battle Between Light and Darkness! Love Sworn to the Future
067 The Sea! An Island! Vacation! The Senshi Relax 089 Usagi and the Girls' Resolve! Prelude to a New Battle
068 Protect Chibiusa! Clash of the Ten Warriors

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