Sailorwar.net is the realization of over a fifteen year long dream of twin sisters to create a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon site like no other. After countless layouts, name changes, and disputes over content, we finally produced the domain you see today. It is our goal to make the ideal Sailor Moon information site, and we have a long road ahead of us to reach that goal. Originally opened in 2007, and after a many year long hiatus, we have reopened our website. We can't update as much as we could when we were still students, but this site is our testament to our love of both Sailor Moon and old school fansites.

Please remember this site is still a work in progress and there may be broken links scattered throughout. After merely working on this website on our harddrives and never uploading it, we came to the realization that if we don't put it online so we can update as we go, we never will due to our desire to want everything finished. ginzuishou graphic


April 2nd, 2017: We are still here! We have a new layout I've been working on for two years or so... Sorry about that. There's a bunch of new pages to check out too! Some pages haven't been updated for the new layout yet... stay tuned!

I just went through our carefully curated links. I'm very sad to notice most of the websites no longer exist. Tumblr (and wiki software) has mostly replaced the role of a fansite like ours. I don't care about that. I'm sure Michelle agrees with me in the regard that fan sites have a place. Maybe they don't. But this website will remain online.

~ Dianne

May 27th, 2012: Added a new secion, Manga Scans! I have uploaded high res scans of the new Kodansha USA manga books. I don't yet own 4 or 5, which is why they're not available. That's it for this update!

More updates?