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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in English

The Sailor Moon manga was originally released in English by Mixx, who later changed their name to Tokyo Pop. Arguably more controversial than even the North American dub of the anime, the adaptation of the manga was of low quality and the character's names were mostly changed to reflect the dub characters. This Sailor Moon was also featured in the short-lived girl's magazine Smile, which was targeted towards pre-teen girls and included fashion tips and trends. Eventually these books went out of print, and Sailor Moon would not be seen on English-speaking store bookshelves for many years.

In March of 2011, Kodansha USA announced that the Sailor Moon manga would be released in English with a proper translation in September of that year. In addition, the Codename: Sailor V volumes would be released in English for the very first time. Since the books' street date, there has been much debate in the fan community about the quality of the translation, however most any fan is happy to be able to finally read a decently translated Sailor Moon book.

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